Child welfare

In this section, we look at addressing and promoting the rights of vulnerable children in the preparation of legislation. Children and young people have a statutory right to be included in societal decision-making. SILE focuses primarily on children and young people in foster care and child protection facilities. They are among the most vulnerable groups in our society, and greater attention needs to be paid to making their voices heard.

We research the following topics: the preparation of laws that relate to children and define childhood; the involvement of children and inclusion of their voice in the preparation of legislation; and the effects of legislative changes on the well-being of children.

The analyses focus on:

  1. the changes in child policy and the drafting of legislation on families with children;
  2. the special features of drafting legislation on child protection and custody;
  3. securing the voice and rights of children under child protection in the drafting of legislation;
  4. the impacts on child protection of the emergency legislation implemented in response to the COVID-19 pandemic;
  5. the impacts of legislative reforms on children in care.

We aim to develop research-based solutions and policy recommendations that address how to promote the inclusion of vulnerable children in law-making.

Professor Timo Harrikari leads this work package, Laura Tiitinen is the postdoctoral researcher, and Linda Määttä is the research assistant. The three members of this group are all from the University of Lapland. See Research Group for more detailed contact information.

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