On this page you will find information on our progress and results, such as articles, blogs, policy briefs and impact stories.

Please note, that as we strive to translate key outputs to English, what you will find on this page is only part of what we have produced. A more comprehensive compilation can be found on our Finnish-language pages.

Impact stories are yearly reports that describe the research and interaction carried out in SILE-project.


Scientific articles

Harrikari, T., Romakkaniemi, M., Tiitinen L. & Ovaskainen, S. (2021). Pandemic and Social Work: Exploring Finnish Social Workers’  Experiences through a SWOT-analysisBritish Journal of Social Work 51 (5).

Romakkaniemi, M., Harrikari, T., Saraniemi, S., Tiitinen, L. & Fiorentino, V. (2021). ‘Bonding, bridging and linking the last resort tailboard’: Shifts in social workers’ professional positions and mobilizing adaptive capital during the coronavirus pandemicNordic Social Work Research, 1-14.

Unlu, A., Demiroz, F., Tammi, T., & Hakkarainen, P. (2021). The Complexity of Drug Consumption Room Policy and Progress in FinlandContemporary Drug Problems48(2), 151–167.

Impact stories


Impact story 1/2021


Impact story 2/2021


Kati Rantala: Who are the silent agents in law drafting and why SILE only focuses to some of them?

Other outputs


Summary of SILE’s Breaking the Silence II -webinar for SCOs (Dec 8th 2021)


Summary of SILE's webinar for law drafters (MAY 10th 2022)