Our partners include silent agents and their representative organisations, various public authorities, the ministries responsible for drafting laws, and academic scholars. We also welcome anyone with an interest in participating in the project. The aim is to cooperatively develop methods for improving the realisation of rights, the positions, and well-being of silent agents in the drafting of legislation. We organise workshops, Breaking the Silence events, and other joint activities. We rely on the help of all our partners to carry out effective research and make an impact.


Finnish Ministries: Ministry of Justice, Ministry of the Interior, Ministry of the Environment

Finnish Authorities: Regional State Administrative Agency for Southern Finland (ESAVI), Finnish Competition and Consumer Authority (KKV), Ombudsman for Children, Criminal Sanctions Agency (RISE), Companion and Hobby Animal Welfare Council, Farm Animal Welfare Council

Organisations: A-Clinic Foundation, Amnesty International Finland, Animalia ry, Finnish Bar Association, KRIS Finland, Finnish Foundation for Supporting Ex-offenders (KRITS), Central Union for Child Welfare, Mannerheim League for Child Welfare, Finnish Central Association for Mental Health, Finnish Refugee Advice Centre, Save the Children, SEY Animal Welfare Finland, SOS Children’s Villages, Finnish Veterinary Association, Finnish Association of Animal Rights Lawyers, Guarantee Foundation, Tukikohta ry

Advisory board: Professor Pertti Alasuutari (University of Tampere), Associate Professor Victoria Canning (University of Bristol), Professor Chris Fox (Manchester Metropolitan University), Professor Heikki Hiilamo (University of Helsinki), Professor Claudio Radaelli (European University Institute), Professor Alison Ritter (University of New South Wales), Associate Professor Helena Röcklingsberg (Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences – SLU), Professor Margit Sutrop (University of Tartu), and Professor Jonathan Tritter (Nord University).